If Storage units were Chocolate Bars what would you choose?

October 31 2020

If Storage units were Chocolate Bars what would you choose?


The Mini

Do you love a mini version of your favourite sweet treat? Just a tiny taste of your much loved melt in the mouth chocolate without all the calories. A no guilt treat just to keep you going?

Our mini versions of storage are exactly this. Small and perfectly formed versions of the bigger units. A 25 sq ft or 35 sq ft room is just big enough to free up much desired space in your home for a fairly modest monthly fee.  Pack your boxes carefully and stack them high to make the most of this mini space.


Snack Size

If you are hungrier, looking for something to keep you going in-between meals then a snack size is perfect. No sugar overload but all of the same great taste of the full size version.

Snack size storage would be the 50, 60 and 75 sq ft units. Spacious enough to store garden furniture, bulky items or lots of boxes. Still affordable and like all our storage available on flexible terms.



This is consistently the most popular and affordable size of chocolate bar, deliciously tasty and the most satisfying.

Funnily enough this applies to storage too with units between 80 and 100 sq ft proving consistently appealing to our customers. Located inside and fitted with double doors this area can fit the contents of a small house comfortably.



It’s the killer question when faced with the mouth-watering options on the confectionery shelf. But in some circumstances the maxi option is necessary, an essential energy requirement.

So for storing the contents of a three bedroomed home we recommend a standard 160 sq ft storage container.


Pick n’ Mix

This is the ultimate way to have your cake and eat it and the only solution when you aren’t sure what to pick. Who doesn’t love an assortment of favourites to share?

Many of our customers select storage of different sizes and types and rent for varying amounts of time to suit their individual needs.

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