Top 10 uses for storage containers at Fruix Storage.

January 09 2020
20ft x 8ft storage contaner at Fruix Storage

Shipping containers serve a pretty useful function, helping to transport goods safely across the world. However, when they come to the end of their time at sea, there are numerous ways a shipping container can be given a brand new lease of life and continue being useful for years to come.

Here at Fruix Storage all of the containers are new on arrival.  Our customers have all sorts of reasons to use them and as we have over 90 here on site we thought it was time to highlight just how versatile this type of storage is.

Take a look at these 10 amazing uses for shipping containers – some may surprise you.


20ft x 8ft storage contaner at Fruix Storage
Storage Container at Fruix Storage

# 1 – Pack away the entire contents of your house.

This is the most popular use of our containers. It’s possible to store the contents of a 3 bed-house in a container so they make the perfect store if you are moving and have sold your home before you buy a new one. Take a look at the storage options available here.


# 2 – Reduce business rates.

If you trade on the High Street the costs of rent and business rates can be expensive. Trading from a smaller shop and storing stock and equipment in a storage container is a cost effective and flexible solution for your business.


# 3 – Re-energise yourself and your home by decluttering.

Clutter can create family stress and personal anxiety. Having a clear out is much easier if you don’t have to part with everything you don’t have space for. Containers are available in two sizes and make excellent quality stores for personal items.


# 4 – Get access to a sturdy shed.

Quite a few customers use the containers as an alternative to a garden shed. Choosing to store garden tools and equipment here rather than at home. A selection of padlocks are available for sale to secure the contents.


# 5 – Care for your classic/vintage or sports car.

A number of smaller cars fit perfectly within an 8ft x 20ft container. It’s a very cost effective way to protect a special vehicle from the harsh weather. Seasonal and long terms lets are available.


# 6 – Store campaign or marketing materials safely.

For local reps or businesses that have printed brochures, catalogues, billboards or display materials a container is an ideal storage space. With tightly sealed doors the containers are dry and secure. They can also be shelved to improve organisation and make everything easy to find.


# 7 – Store stock safely for your online trading.

If you run an online shop from home the chances are that you have stock stacked high in your spare room and possibly all over your home. Shipping from a container gives you back your personal space on flexible terms.


# 8 – Living abroad but returning home one day.

A storage container is probably the best solution for long-term storage. With 160 square feet of space our customers box up personal items, wrap up furniture and protect soft furnishings with blankets safe in the knowledge that everything will be ready for their return home.


# 9 – Start a new enterprise or grow your business

If you rent a container at Fruix Storage it’s on flexible terms, we only ask for 2 weeks notice if you no longer require the unit. So a container makes a perfect base for a new business needing extra space but not ready for a long term commitment to an industrial unit.


# 10 – Keep your VW camper cosy and safe.

If you are lucky enough to own an iconic Volkswagen Camper then it’s likely you will want to keep it in pristine condition and safe from the Scottish winters. With a bit of careful driving the camper will fit in a container and be ready for it’s next adventure once the sun comes out in the spring.


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