Ukraine collection point at Fruix Storage

Help for Ukraine

Last week Andrew and his Dad, his two sisters and our daughter, his brother in law and niece attended a talk in Cleish Village Hall. The speaker was David Fox-Pitt MBE, who spoke passionately about his work in the Ukraine providing support to those affected by the war. David pointed out that the war doesn’t feature on the front pages of the newspapers as much here in the UK, but it’s so important that people don’t forget about this cause and the people who are in desperate need of help.

His efforts to bring some much needed food plus support means he continues to work very hard with the charitable organisation, Siobhans Trust, on the border to Ukraine, helping to feed refugees as they come through in their thousands.


It was an inspiring talk and our family group chat was very active in the days after with Gillian, Andrews sister reminding us that Tayside and Strathearn Help for Ukraine  continue to collect and transport vital supplies to the country. ‘TASH for Ukraine’ is how the organisation is known and they have sent 74 trucks loads of essentials to the area since the conflict began.

Collection Point at Fruix Farm is OPEN now

We wanted to help so have become a collection point. We have set aside a container at the entrance to Fruix Storage, (Fruix Farm, Near Kinross, KY13 0PW) and it will be open for drop offs, 7 days per week from today until the 28th March 2024. It has a flag on it so it very easy to find.

TASH for Ukraine has a specific list of items that are required, it is looking for good quality, clean essentials and food. Please bag or box items for ease of transportation.

TASH for Ukraine

Here is the list.

  • Sleeping bags, blankets, duvets
  • Hot water bottles, thermos flasks
  • Medical and first aid supplies
  • Torches and Batteries
  • Crutches, Wheelchairs and Zimmers
  • Tea light candles
  • Water purification tablets
  • Fuel canisters/Jerry cans
  • Spades/forks/trowels
  • Jump leads/mobile power packs


  • Tins of meat, soup, veg
  • Pasta, rice, preserves
  • Flour, Porridge
  • Sweets, biscuits
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Pet food

Also required

  • Outdoor clothes and footwear
  • Baby boxes
  • Baby essentials
  • Incontinence and sanitary pads

If you have any questions about drop off please drop us an email to